Jonathan Verbeek

Media CS Student, Game Developer, Musician

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Programming Languages


JavaScript / node.js


Batch / Bash


Applications & Tools

Unreal Engine 4

Visual Studio

Adobe Creative Cloud



Further knowledge

  • Microsoft Windows (very advanced level)
  • Microsoft Office / Google Sheets (advanced level)
  • Version control systems: Git and Perforce (advanced level)
  • Secure OAuth processes (intermediate level)
  • Working with a Linux distribution and it's shell (between beginner and intermediate level)
  • Setting up network and computer infrastructures (beginner level)


Learn a little bit about myself

Hi! My name is Jonathan Verbeek, but I prefer 'Johnny' most of the time. I am 19 years old, acquired my A-Levels in 2018 and currently study media computer science at the Hochschule Bremen, where I look forward to receive my Bachelor of Science in 2022.

Besides the fact that I love playing video games, I found it often more interesting to look under the hood, and that motivated me already back in primary school to learn programming. Around 2013, I started learning programming for games, and since then, game development is my passion.

I've written a few wiki articles and tutorials for Epic's Unreal Engine 4, and was found by a small game development team called Driven Arts. Together with them I worked around two and a half years on Days Of War − a second world war shooter. I implemented voice chat using Vivox, a complete matchmaking solution using Amazon AWS and Amazon GameLift, a few more third-party solutions and a few tools used for a streamline build and deploy process of the game. Days Of War is also currently the best moddable game built on Unreal Engine 4 − which was mostly my task (including a map editor, Steam Workshop, etc.).

Now, I'd consider myself an professional progammer with a lot of actual experience, both business and private projects and both in standard applications and games. I've participated in Game Jams and built my own small games and collected some experience in Art, UI/Sound/Level Design and creative direction. I also worked a lot with frameworks like node.js, React, Electron and built a few hardware and software solutions aswell.

Furthermore, I am a passionate musician, playing the piano, guitar, bass and drums since I was four years old. As a follow-up, I started to release some Ambient tracks I composed and produced under the moniker JV. on all music streaming platforms.


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